Vows and Agreements with The Dark Forces

Lord Jesus, Master Sananda Through Zim

My Beloved Son, there is Only One Thing that I Would Speak to You About This Evening.  It is the Matter of Dark Forces and Agreements and Vows that Connect Man to Them.  It is Important For You and All Children of Light To Be Aware, First That Dark Forces Do Exist.  They Are The Forces That Have Found Their Pleasure and Space In the Things of Earth, the Things of the Body, the Things of Limitation That Abound on the Earth.  They Cannot Overcome Spirit Nor Any Light Being Nor Any Light Person Nor Any Human Person But They Can and Do Everything They Can to Control and Sway and Guide and Lead Any and Every Being That Exists. 

It is in This Control and Leading That They Find Great Joy and Pleasure for it Makes Them Think They Are More Powerful and Important Than They Really Are.  Because They Find Great Joy and Pleasure in These Activities, They Will Cling to Those Who Have Allowed Them a Foothold, for Dear Life, As You Say.  It Appears to The Dark Forces that Their Whole Existence Depends Upon Their Keeping Control of Those Beings That Have Allowed Them Access and Space In Their Minds, Hearts, Emotions and Bodies.  For this Reason it is Not Easy For Humanity To Overcome or to Throw Out the Dark Forces and Their Controls.  Indeed, it is Impossible For Humanity To Do So Without The Assistance of Spirit and the Beings of Light.

One of the Chief Purposes and Activities of The Light Beings of the Upper Dimensions is to Assist Man to Throw Off the Controls and Bondage of The Dark Forces.  Many have Called Them Vows and Agreements with the Dark Side. What Occurs In Your I AM Classes is the Throwing off of Vows and Agreements that Have Been Burdening The People For Many Years, In Some Cases for Lifetimes.  It is Spirit Through Moses That Makes The Tones And Sounds Efficacious and Effective in Breaking the Hold of Vows and Agreements that Have Been Made with the Dark Forces or the Dark Side, as Some Call It.  It is Vitally Important That This Be Done, For Without It, It Is Extremely Difficult For a Human Being to Awaken and See The Light of His Own Divinity and to Shed the Shackles and Controls of the Darkness.

Usually what Happens is that an Individual Wrestles for a Lifetime with the Dark Forces and Only When He or She Finds It is Impossible to Overcome Them Will That Person Finally Lay The Matter in The Hands of Spirit.  Then Spirit Can Enter into the Fray, so to Speak, and Give Whatever Assistance is Necessary so that Freedom from those Burdens of Darkness Can Be Found and Maintained.

The Question Has Risen Regarding The Effectiveness of Breaking, or Removing the Hold of the Dark Forces on Humanity.  As Long as Spirit or Beings of Light are Involved and Assisting, the Hold of the Darkness is Indeed Broken.  Once Broken They Cannot Return in That Same Form or Space of Control.  There Are, However, Frequently Other Vows and Agreements That Are Very Similar That Can Still Be In Control and That Need To Be Broken and Released. There are also, as You say, Layers of Control, Layers of Burdens.  Each One Requires Releasing and Breaking and Healing.  As You Can See This Is Not a Simple Task Nor an Easy One Nor One That Is Over With Very Quickly.  It is Something That Requires Attention Regularly and Faithfully Throughout Life On Earth.

If there is Doubt on This, One Need Only Read of the Trials and Temptations of the Saints and Holy People of All Times.  Those Trials and Temptations Are Nothing Less Than The Hold and Grip of The Dark Forces on Those Holy People.  The Holy Ones Found There Was NO TIME in Their Lives When They Didn’t Have To Be On Guard and Watchful and Aware, for the Vows and Agreements with the Dark Side That Had Been Made Through Many Lifetimes Were Constantly Showing Themselves In One Way or Another.  Thus the Breaking and Releasing of These Controlling Forces Is An Ongoing Activity of Those of the Light as Long As They Dwell On The Earth Plane.

Knowing these Things About The Dark Forces and How They Operate and What They Appear Like In Everyday Life, It is Obvious that Anyone, Saint or Sinner, as You might say. Can and Will Be Influenced by The Dark Forces at Some Time or Other Throughout Life on Earth.  There Never Is a Time When Humanity Can Sit Back and Feel and Say, “I’ve Done It. It’s Over With and I Don’t Have to Concern Myself With It Any Longer.”  No, Indeed, There Is Never Such a Time.  It is, therefore, of the Highest Importance That All Those of The Light Be Aware and Make Continuous Use of the Gifts of Spirit For Loosing the Control of the Vows and Agreements with The Dark Side. If it is Only A Now and Then Kind of Thing, The Dark Forces will Gradually Gain More and More Control Again.  Nor Does it Make Any Difference Who Or What The Individual Is.  As We said Above, The Holiest Saints Were Still Afflicted by the Attempted Controlling of The Dark Forces.

It is Clear Then That Those Who Would Be Free of The Dark Forces Need to Exercise Constant Vigilance.  This is Especially True of Those Who Are in Positions of Wisdom, Trust and Leadership. The Dark Side Forces are Fully Aware of How Important It Is To Gain Control of The Leaders and Teachers of Light. It is Doubly Harmful For Those Who Are Struggling to Walk the Pathway of Light to See Their Trusted, Human Teachers and Leaders Falling Under the Control of The Dark Side.

Let Those then Who have Been Given the Gifts of Leadership, of Teaching, of Sharing the Wisdom of Spirit, be Most Aware and Especially Diligent to Watch For Evidence of The Dark Forces and What They Say and Do and Think and Teach.  When such Evidence Appears, it is Incumbent On That Person To Break It and Release It and Heal It As Swiftly and Readily As Possible.

Let None Believe They Have No Ties With The Dark Forces of The Dark Side.  All Humanity Has Had and Still Has and Always Will Have Connections With The Dark Side. They May Be Hidden For A Time But Will Always Reappear Sooner or Later Throughout the Earthly Sojourn.  With Good Intent and With the Assistance of Fellow Light Persons and, Above All, With the Help of Spirit, Those Connections Will Not Gain Control But Be Broken and Healed Just As Quickly As They Appear.

This is Important For Those Who Dwell On the Earth Plane.  It is Important Not Only for Each Individual But Important, As Well for Those Around Each Person of Light and Most Important For Those In Positions of Leadership, Teaching and Sharing of the Things of Light With Humanity.

I AM Lord Jesus, Master Sananda.     Thank You Dear Sananda.