Three Major Blessings From Spirit

Lord Jesus, Master Sananda, Through Zim

“IS,” The Creator of All That IS, Grants and Showers Humanity With All Manner of Blessings. Lord Jesus, Master Sananda, provided the following Information on the Blessings:

The First Blessing is Received through the Order of Melchizedek Priesthood and Is Usually Given Prior to Incarnating on Earth.  It is the Memory of our Higher Divine Self  Before the Fall into Density.  This Memory is Encoded Within the Cellular Memory and it is to This Memory That Mankind Is Now Awakening.

The Second Blessing is Granted by Spirit When You Have Raised Your Soul Vibrational Level to Approximately 5.40 and Know That You and the Father are One.  With this Blessing, Spirit Opens the Front Side of All the Chakras, Allowing the Healing Light of the “Creator” to Come Through and Heal All That You Come Into Contact With.  This Blessing You Can Ask For Yourself.  I Suggest Everyone Ask For This Blessing NOW During Their Meditations.  Simply Ask that Spirit Grant You The Second Blessing When You Have Earned It. 

The Third Blessing Will Be Granted When You Have Balanced Your Four Lower Bodies, i.e. Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. (This has nothing to do with weight.)  Assistance is Needed when Receiving the Third Blessing to Bridge the Amount of “Higher Energy” that is Received.  This Will Be Granted When Judgment and Opinion of Self and Others Have Been Released.  When this is Granted, You Will Be At The Stage of Refining Your Unconditional Love and Compassion For All Mankind Without Exception.  That, of Course, Has to Begin With Love and Compassion For Yourself First.  With the Third Blessing, Spirit Opens The Back Side of All the Chakras.  When You Receive the Third Blessing, You Will Be At The Threshold of Total Enlightenment.

Each Blessing Marks the Beginning of a Gradual Process of Opening the Chakras.  The Speed of this Opening is Based on the Individual’s Ability to Drop Judgments and Opinions about Self and Others.  A Blessing Indicates the Beginning of the Next Step on the Path to Total Enlightenment and Does Not Mean You Have Fully Achieved It.  Total Enlightenment Comes When You Have Dropped All Judgment and Have Total, Unconditional Love and Compassion for Yourself and For All Other People, Beings, Places and Things.  You Will Live Your Life As An Example, Knowing That All Things Are Sacred and You Will Gladly Share Your Gifts With Humanity.  By That Time You Will Have 17 Chakras 100% Open! There Is No Reason Why This Cannot Happen To You In This Lifetime! 


Thank You Dear Jesus