Self Empowerment

Dear Light Worker,

Spirit Has Provided NEW INFORMATION!!  Revealing How To Break and Rescind Negative Vows and Agreements That Have Not Been Shared with Humanity Before!
This Will Allow You to Clear Unknown Blocks That Are Preventing You From Fulfilling Your Soul Destiny Contract! Spirit Has Indicated That Time is of the Essence. 
This Is Not Intended To Be Used As a Replacement For Any Pathway You Are Currently On. It Is To Be Used In Conjunction With Whatever You Are Currently Doing To Accelerate You On Your Pathway. 
Love and Light,

Receive The Highest Blessing On Earth!
This book and your pure intent will assist you to Clear Negativity From Your Akashic Records and from those of your entire family, pets and deceased loved ones. You Will Receive Many Shields of Protection so You Will Be Protected From Dark Forces. Beloved Moses, my Master Guide, will lead you out of your Spiritual, Physical Mental and Emotional Bondage. Then you can earn your "Third Blessing!"
Lord Jesus, Master Sananda, told me "Your role is to hold the people's hands and walk them through their Shadow Side." All you need is an open heart and your pure intent for a better life!

Self Empowerment Provides a Means For You to Clear Unknown Blocks So You Can Take On, Activate and Integrate Your Light Body After You Have Earned Your "Third Blessing!"