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      Part I

      Sacred Healing Wisdom to Clear and Heal Your Traumas and Dramas of The Third Dimension and Level XII-12 Merges You Into The Fourth Dimension and Level XIII-13 Merges You Into The Fifth Dimension of Higher Sacred Wisdom Aboard Huge Mother Space Ships
      Years 1980-2016


    1. Level I
      English Teaching Process Manual

      To Release, Remove and Heal Your Negative Experiences
      Receive Many Shields Of Protection!

    Click on the Numbers For the English Teaching Manual.
    Click Here For The Toning CD Of The Beloved Prophet Moses.

    This CD Must Be Copied And Kept With Any English Teaching Process Manual That Is Copied.

    1. Disclaimer
    2. Table Of Contents
    3. Important Instructions
      • When to Use the Toning CD From Beloved Moses
      • How the CD Toning Process Works
    4. Introduction
    5. Everyone Benefits From Clearing Their Negative Vows and Agreements!
    6. How to Manifest What You Want!
    7. What You Say After I AM You Create!
    8. Prayer To Request The Universal Law Of Reversal To Reverse All Sickness In MY Body, That My Mind Has Created!
    9. How to Connect With Your Divine Soul-Self Who Will Assist You Through Your Inner Gateway So You Can Experience "Being"
    10. How To Solve Your Disagreements With Others
    11. Your Reflection and Reflection Release Process
    12. Explanation Of What Acca Cords Are and a Process To Clear The Negativity Within Your Acca Cords
    13. Vows and Agreements With the Dark Forces
    14. Sirian Crystal Mysteries
      The Rest Of The Story
      The Planet Maldek
    15. Volunteers With Contaminated Original Sirian Crystals and Replicas
    16. Explanation Of Some Of the Negative Influences That Will Be Released
    17. Severed Star Child Contracts
    18. Male/Female Soul
    19. Mono Souled
    20. Anger Spears Sent and Received
    21. Negative Spirit Guides
    22. Lucifer Guides
    23. Shells of Deception, Shells of Protection
    24. Chameleon Changelings
    25. Ooze in the Akashic Records
    26. Light Power Imagers
    27. Unknown Types of Deception
    28. Energies and Entities
    29. Fears in the Golden Web
    30. Scars in the Golden Web
    31. Past and Present Lives, Dark Entities Attached and Stalking
    32. Earth-Bound Spirits Calling
    33. Portalways Open to the Subconscious Mind and On Other Planes
    34. Compassionate Connection
    35. Obligation to Trapped Deceased Negative Beings
    36. Trapped Traveling to Negative Astrals
    37. Crystals Charged With Dark Energies
    38. Dark Brotherhood, Dark Sisterhood Influence
    39. Red Ray Connection
    40. Negative Vows To God
    41. Objects in Home, Work Places and Vehicles Charged with Dark Energy
    42. Implants On the Golden Web
    43. Virus on the Golden Web
    44. Red Fibers On the Golden Web
    45. Etheric Mucous On The Golden Web
    46. Enchantments On the Golden Web
    47. Cords of Illusion
    48. Spells
    49. Memory Lost, Added, Shared or Programmed
    50. Obsessing Influences
    51. Pacts
    52. Binding Contracts
    53. Negative Thoughts Forms Stalking
    54. Egyptian, Atlantian and Lumerian Negative Thought Forms
    55. Anger Spears Sent and Received
    56. Talker, Stalker Beings
    57. Tar On the Subtle Body
    58. Mental Life Occupied By Others
    59. Partial Possession
    60. Super-Universe Six Mirror Image Taint
    61. Energy Created Thought Forms
    62. Property Clearing
    63. Demons and Archdemons
    64. Replicas
    65. Replicas Cause The Lowest Level Negativit Because They Take Control Over You!
    66. How to Assist Ones With Replicas
    67. Important Words Of Wisdom Regarding Sacred Replica Removal and Process.
    68. What You Will Need For the Replicas Removal and Important Message
    69. My Contract Of Agreement With Lord Jesus, Master Sananda, to Remove Replicas in My Akashic Records and Permission Statement
    70. Request For Replica Removal From Your Akashic Records
    71. When To Use The Toning CD From Beloved Moses and How The CD Toning Process Works
    72. My Akashic Record Sacred Clearing Session - Replicas and Crystals And Important Message
    73. My Akashic Records Sacred Clearing Session 1 Thru 8 Instructions For Completing the Healing Prayer Request Application
    74. Healing Player Request Application For My Akashic Records Sacred Clearing Sessions 1-8
    75. Remember!! When To Use the Toning CD From The Beloved Moses, How the CD Toning Process Works
    76. My Akashic Records Sacred Clearing Session 1 - Basic Clearing
    77. My Akashic Records Sacred Clearing Session 2 - Implant and Imprint Mechanisims
    78. My Akashic Records Sacred Clearing Session 3 - Fractured and Splintered Emotion Parts
    79. My Akashic Records Sacred Clearing Session 4 - Core Karmei Encoded Traits and Pattering
    80. My Akashic Records Sacred Clearing Session 5 - Healing and Merging Parallel Lives
    81. My Akashic Records Sacred Clearing Session 6 - Keys To Forgiving Self and Others
    82. My Akashic Records Sacred Clearing Session 7 - Clearing and Balancing the Four Lower Bodies
    83. Information About Your Third Major Blessing!
    84. My Akashic Records Sacred Clearing Session 8 - Mind Inter Connection, Preparation For Clearance To Receive the Third Blessing
    85. The Prayer of Saint Frances


    Level II  -  2 (Click Here)
    Self Empowerment Through Your Inner Awareness, Book and CD

    Beloved Malachi, Katherine Bell Ph.D.D., Beloved Lord Jesus, Beloved Moses and The Heavenly Host and "Marrianna"

    “Self Empowerment Through Your Inner Awareness”, Book and CD!  This is a Must Read Level!  This Provides a Means for you to Release from your Old Negative Vows and Agreements that Cause Life’s Traumas and Dramas of the Third Dimension, Including: Earning and Receiving “Shields of Protection and The 3rd Blessing,” Which is the Highest Spiritual Blessing given on Earth!  Receiving and Integrating Your “Light Body” and Opening to Higher Dimensional Wisdom and Much More!

    Note: This New and Revised Edition of "Self Empowerment Through Your Inner Awareness" can be Downloaded for Free! However, This Book and CD is Copyrighted and CANNOT Be Sold or Changed in Any Way! Simply Copy and Share as Many Copies as You Need For Yourself, Family, or for Teaching Purposes! It is a Great Teaching Manual!

    Click Here For Testimonials About The Book

    Click Here for "Self Empowerment Through Your Inner Awareness” Book and CD

    Click Here For the Cover of  Book and Pages 1-14

    Power Surge I (Click Here)
    Marrianna! - Journey on Pathway of Light and Introduction (Pages 15-29)
    First Channeling with Zar of the Solar Council (Pages 30-49)

    Power Surge II (Click Here)
    Preparation & Info
    What you can Expect from Akashic Records Sacred Cleansing Sessions 1-8

    Power Surge III (Click Here)
    Sirian Crystal Mysteries
    Explanation of Some of the Positive and Negative Influences

    Power Surge IV (Click Here)
    Akashic Records Sacred Replica Removal

    Power Surge V (Click Here)
    Akashic Records Sacred Clearing Session 1-8:
    Toning CD of The Beloved Moses

    Instruction/Application and Basic Session 1
    (Click Here)
    Implant and Imprint Mechanism Session 2
    (Click Here)
    Fractured and Splintered Emotional Parts Session 3
    (Click Here)
    Core Karmic Encoded Trusts and Patterns Session 4
    (Click Here)
    Healing and Merging Parallel Lines Session 5
    (Click Here)
    Forgiving Self and Others Session 6
    (Click Here)
    Cleansing and Balancing Four Lower Bodies Session 7
    (Click Here)
    Mind Inter-Connection and Alignment Session 8
    (Click Here)

    Power Surge VI (Click Here)
    Sacred Sirian Workshops:
    Gathering of Masters for Formal Third Blessing Ceremony

    Power Surge VII (Click Here)
    Higher States of Conciousness
    How to See Your Spiritual Guides


    Power Surge VIII (Click Here)
    Light! Light! Light! Claiming Your Truth
    My Light Body

    Back Cover


    IMPORTANT: You MUST Release and Heal All you Old Negative Vows and Agreements in Level II which will Provide you with New Pictures of Reality so you are Able to Receive and Accept the Higher Wisdom in Level III.


    Level III  -  3 (Click Here)
    Living Blissful Freedom

    Beloved Malachi, Katherine Bell Ph.D.D. and "Marrianna" 43 Messages

    This Level Provides a Means for you to Connect, Activate and Experience the Sacred Divine Wisdom of the 4th, 5th, 6th and Higher Dimensions, Including: “The Sacred Geometry of Health and Physical Mastery,”  “The Sacred Seed of Christ Vibration of Purity”, “The Feminine Crown of Source”, “Soul Evolution and Union with Source Consciousness”, “Crystal Wisdom”, and Much More!

    1. Important Universal Laws
    2. How To Return To The True Core Personality Of Your Soul
    3. Shifting Perceptual Fields
    4. How Do I Clear My Cats's Akashic Records?
    5. What Can You Tell Me About Dropping Polarity?
    6. Process For Activating, Retrieving and Igniting Your Latent Abilitites and Fire of Purpose!
    7. Process For Merging With The Creator's Adamative Particles and The Devine Alchemical Properties of Violet Flame
    8. Receiving The Sacred Seed of The "Christ Vibration of Purity", The Sacred Geometry of Health and Physical Mastery!
    9. Seeing The Truth Instead of The Illusion.
    10. Blending Love and Power Into Oneness
    11. Process For Opening Pathways in Your Brain and Unlocking Light Packets of Wisdom In Your Sacred Mind
    12. Receiving The "Feminine Crown of Source" From Moses
    13. Be The Conciousness of The Source That You Are!
    14. Preparation Process for the New Human Template for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ
    15. Process For Moving Into The New Human Template And Experiencing The Seond Coming Of The Lord Jesus Christ
    16. Process For Igniting Your Inner Stargates And Aligning With The Divine
    17. Process To Activate Your New Crystalline Conscious States Using New Rainbow Rays Of The 5th Dimensional Shimmering Colors
    18. Merging With The Consciousness Of The Violet Crystal, Crystal Skulls And The 13 Sacred Patterns Of Consciousness
    19. Energy Healing Process To Connect To Your KA Body And Move Into Your Memory Of Unity
    20. Process For Removing MAM-Million Ancient Memory Consciousness And Connectiong With Your Genius Potentional
    21. Process For Opening The Portal To Cosmic Revelation - How To Remember Things So You Can Manifest Them
    22. Process For Transforming Energies For Soul Evolution And Union With Source Consciousness
    23. Crystal Bed In Our Heads And How To Retrieve Wisdom From Crystal Skulls
    24. Process For Becoming Consciously Aware Of Attributes and Virtues Of The 12 Rays Of God Consciousness
    25. Process For Receiving Your Birthright Of Unlimited Abundance In Physical Form
    26. Process For Interfacing And Connecting With The Diamond Crystalline Transition Energy in Arkansas
    27. Process For Activating The Vibrational Seed Crystals Within Your Brain/Soul Structure
    28. Split Consciousness
    29. Integrating The Sacred Fire Of Your Soul With The Sacred Fire Of Your Spirit
    30. Create A Relationship With Your Advanced Facet Of Your Higher Self
    31. Cleansing The Brain, Opening The Crown Chakra And Connecting To The Spirit Of Source
    32. The Temple Of Spirit's Soul
    33. You Are Aware And You Are Not Aware
    34. Spiritual Guidance From The Prophet Moses
    35. You Are The Divine
    36. Visual Process For Integrating And Activating DNA Strands
    37. Activating The Pillar Of Light With Earth And Your Soul Star Tetrahedron
    38. Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Ego And Soul (S.E.M.P.E.S) Changes After Transforming Energies And Unification With Source Consciousness
    39. My Prayer Request To Release Blocks From The Third Dimensional Reality And Request The Original Divine Blue Print Of Divinity
    40. Recognizing Your Divine Source
    41. The Crystalline 6th Dimension-Opening The Doorway To The 6th Dimension-Your Soul Song And The 6TH Dimension
    42. Eliminating Discordant Frequencies And Purifying Your Bodies-Light Fusions-World Servers
    43. How To Feel Your Pain So You Can Release It!

    Level IV - 4
    Divine Wisdom From ‘IS’
    The Creator of All That IS

    The Divine Creator 'IS' and "Marrianna" 6 Messages

    Note:  I have Never Shared Any of “Level IV Divine Wisdom From The Creator  of All That Is”“Level V – Messages From Beloved Mother Mary For the Pearl Children” and “Level VI The Prophet Moses Takes Marrianna on Sacred Journeys Through Out Higher Dimensions”  Because I thought they were so very personal and sacred to me!  Spirit has suggested I share all my Journeys with others as it will provide Spiritual Growth for all who have Ears to Hear.

    This Level Provides Direct Communication with ‘IS’ The Creator of All That Is!  He Shares His Love and Wisdom with One and All.  He is Calling All His Children Home!  He is Asking us to Awaken to His Presence Within Us for He is within Everything.  That Means You!  Open Your Heart and Receive!

    1. "All Humanity Is Responsible for Raising Their Own Consciousness by First Awakening To My Presence Within Them" 'IS'
    2. "I Am Calling You All Home" 'IS'
    3. "Do Not See Anything As Right or Wrong, It Is All Simply an Experience" 'IS'
    4. "In Time More Will Know That They Also Are One With Me" 'IS'
    5. "See The Unity, Be The Creation of a New World" 'IS'
    6. "Feel My Presence Within Your Body" 'IS'

    Level Level V - 5 (Click Here)
    Divine Messages From
    Beloved Mother Mary For The Pearl Children

    Beloved Moses, Beloved Mother Mary and "Marrianna" 13 Messages

    How This Came About!

    A long time Ago Beloved Moses Asked me if I Would Meet with Him Each Day in Meditation, so He could Give me Messages to Assist Humanity and I said I would.

    That Created a New Process that we Used that Proved to Be Extremely Effective.  When we Incorporated it with Using the Crystal Bed in the Back of my Head. Then we Connected with the Twelve Etheric Crystals the Arcturians have Downloaded Into Mother Earth to Assist in the Ascension Process for Both Mother Earth and Humanity.

    Then Malachi (a 13 Dimensional Master) Provided Additional Wisdom and Guidance that Created the “Sacred Key” that Provided a Gentle Blend and Passageway for Our Energies. This “Sacred Key” can be Used to Open Different Passageways and Corridors to Sacred Hidden Wisdom!

    Due to the Effectiveness this has Provided a Means for Mother Mary and Many Other Masters who Have Indicated that They were Interested in Sharing Their Messages with me, to be Downloaded within The Iron Core Crystal Grid Using this New Process.

    NOTE:   I have Never shared Any of These Experiences with Anyone Because I Thought they were so Very Personal and Sacred to me.  Spirit has suggested I share All my Journeys with Others, as it will provide Spiritual Growth for All who have Ears to Hear.

    This Level Provides the “Sacred Key” so you can Experience a New Process that Has Proven to Be Extremely Effective!

    1. Beloved Moses Special Gift To “Marrianna”
    2. Pearls of Wisdom For The Pearl Children
    3. Gifts of Wisdom For The Pearl Children
    4. Downloading of Sacred Wisdom For The Pearl Children
    5. Healing Gifts are Downloaded in “The Pink Crystalline Gardens”
    6. Codes and Triggering Vibrations Are Downloaded For The Master Pearl Children
    7. Downloading of 12 Hats Full of Divine Feminine Power and Mastery
    8. The Clarion Call Rings Out From ‘IS’ “It Is Time To Come Home To Higher Consciousness and Remember, Remember, Remember We are One!”
    9. Do You Know That You Have A Crystal Bed In The Back of Your Head?
    10. A Visit To The Sacred Fire of ‘IS’ The Creator of All That Is
    11. Activating and Aligning Your 4 DNA Strands To Integrate Oneness and Knowingness
    12. Pearls of Wisdom For The Master Pearl Children and The Multitudes
    13. Sea Creatures Download Their Sacred Gifts of Love, Laughter and Play


    Level VI - 6 (Click Here)
    The Prophet Moses and Mother Mary Take “Marrianna”
    on Sacred Journeys Through Higher Dimensions

    Beloved Moses, Beloved Mother Mary and "Marrianna" 30 Messages

    Note:  I have Never Shared Any of These Experiences with Anyone, because they were so very Personal and Sacred to me.  Spirit has asked me to share them.

    It wasn’t Until After the 2013 Gateway Opened that I Realized Moses had Been Preparing my Body for my New Human Template and was Creating a Pathway to Anchor my Experience Into the Iron Core Crystal Grid. This also Created a Pathway For Humanity to Receive the Same  Activations I Received with More Ease and Grace.

    I want to share with you, How I prepared myself Before Each Meditation. First I made sure I would not be Interrupted. I also lit a White Candle and played Crystal Bowl Music.  I put my Lumerian Crystal Skull that I used when I was a Healer in Lumeria and my Lumerian Crystal Wand on my Lap. Then I Relax and I Take One Very Deep Breath! Inhaling in slowly to the count of 7…Then I Hold that Breath to the Count of 7…Then Exhale that Breath to the count of 7. Then Repeat this process for a total of 7 Times.  I call this my 777 Breaths.  I then Invite Beloved Moses to please come and sit with me and share His Sacred Wisdom.  Then I write or record the messages.

    I hope my Journeys are just as Wonderful and Out-of-This-World for you as they have been for me!  Just Open Your Heart and Receive These Divine Blessings!

    1. Beloved Moses Gifts Me With My First Love Offering of The New Sacred Wisdom Download
    2. My Sacred Meeting With The Prophet Moses To Receive New Healing Modalities
    3. Beloved Moses and ‘IS’ The Creator of All That Is and The Animal Kingdom Share Their Wisdom
    4. Moses, Mother Mary and The Dolphins Share Their Sacred Wisdom on Healing
    5. Experience Your Sacred Center of Pure Oneness, Your Medulla Oblongata and Receive Codes and Light Packets of Wisdom
    6. Uplifting Words of Wisdom From The Prophet Moses
    7. Moses Takes Me Into The Iron Core Crystal Grid
    8. Moses Takes Me Under The Sphinx In Egypt To Download The Wisdom For Humanity’s Next Step In Evolution
    9. Ask and You Will Receive! Use The Universal Law of Reversal and See!
    10. How My Trust and Faith Became My Awareness of My Oneness
    11. Messages From The “Rain”
    12. Moses Gifts Me With a Surprise Visit with My Deceased Parents
    13. Opening Gateways To Your Past Wisdom
    14. Feminine Wisdom For New Human Template Downloaded Through Your Chakra System
    15. Using The Universal Law of Reversal and See Your Thoughts Manifest
    16. Moses Takes Me To The Training City of Possibilities To Experience Multi-Dimensional Way of Life
    17. Ask and You Shall Receive!
    18. Moses Creates a Process To Heal All 3rd Dimensional Traumas
    19. Receiving Pearls of Wisdom From The Hall of Records Under The Sphinx
    20. Removal, Clearing and Healing of All Old Negative Experiences
    21. I Am a Transformer --  Receiver, Wisdom Comes Through Me Not From Me!
    22. My Sacred Healing In The Temple of Healing On The 6th Dimension
    23. Opening A New Healing Portalway
    24. My Picture  of Reality For The New Earth
    25. My Karma Healing In The Crystal Healing Temple
    26. The Penetrating of My Every Cell and Organ Being Bathed In The Elixir of Healing Light
    27. Beloved Moses Opens a Healing Passageway To My Knees
    28. Beloved Moses Escorts Me To Receive A Healing Message From ‘IS’ The Creator of All That Is
    29. Master Light Beings From Other Galaxies Gift Me with Sacred Healing Wisdom
    30. Beloved Moses Escorts Me To A Mother Space Ship where Light Being Scientists Share Healing Wisdom For Humanity and Planet Earth


    Level VII - 7 (Click Here)
    Gateway Opens To New World and New Consciousness
    (First Year 2013)

    Beloved Malachi, Katherine Bell Ph.D.D. and "Marrianna" 66 Messages

    1. Gateway Opens To New Wave of Consciousness and a Process to Unblock Kundaline Energy
    2. New Ascension Guidance Process
    3. Process To Connect and Merge With The Sacred Wisdom and Perfection of The New World
    4. Process To Release All Blocked Kundaline Energy and Reject, Dispose Of and Heal Diseases, Germs and Disorders in Your Body, Emotions, Ego, Soul and Spirit
    5. The Divine Jesus Christ Teaches You How To Be a Christed Being with Perfect Health
    6. The Keys To The Kingdom
    7. Metatronic Light and The Living of The Holy Spirit
    8. Experiencing Physical Immortality
    9. Lord Jesus Sacred Ceremony For Honoring The Blessings of The High Christ Consciousness
    10. Process To Release Your Sacred Wisdom and How To Fill Your Body To Overflowing with Adamantine Particles
    11. Feel Your Divinity Then Live The Divinity You Feel . . . Be It!
    12. Allowing Your Source of Awareness
    13. Process to Know Your New Galactic Mission
    14. Humanities E.T. Strands of Genetic Coding
    15. Seed Atoms of Advanced Wisdom
    16. Process To Clear and Heal Self-Rejection
    17. Where Was I When I Was Called “AnandA Marrianna  Bah El”?
    18. Process To Ignite and Awaken To Your Innate Capacity For Healing and Rejuvenation
    19. Enter and Access The Immense Field of Un-Realized Possibilities
    20. Process To Merge Within Your Global Mind
    21. I Am That I Am ‘Pure Light’
    22. The Prophet Moses Healing Message
    23. Process For Connecting With The Memories of Lemuria
    24. Process To Increase and Heal Your Brain Capacity
    25. Process To Merge With The Original Utopian Fields and Receive The Codes of Remembrance
    26. The Giant Crystal Cave In Mexico
    27. The Noosphires
    28. Are You A Code-Carrier?
    29. Process For Hearing Your Higher Inner Voice
    30. The Prophet Moses Shares Ways To Ground Your Energy Into Gaia The Earth Mother
    31. What Does “144” Really Mean?
    32. Process for Expanding Your 3rd Eye
    33. Portals To Your Sacred Heart
    34. Releasing Pain With The White Light
    35. Experiencing Sophisticated Modes of Functioning
    36. Process To Expand and Unfold Your Abilities To Experience Different Horizontal and Vertical Frequencies
    37. Clearing 8th Dimensional Blockage and Ancient and Stutter Streams of Healing
    38. Laser Light Healing Process To Remove Dark Negative Crystals In My Chakras
    39. Purification and Removal of Negative Unproductive DNA Imprints in My Chakras
    40. Process To Clean and Hear Your Inner Temple Messages
    41. Alignment With Light-Life-Live of Destiny
    42. Ascension and The Two Suns
    43. Toxic Thoughts and Fibromyalgia
    44. Merging With Galactic Consciousness
    45. Connect With The Sacred Pure Gold Frequencies
    46. Laws of The Cosmos Laws of Intergalactic Beings Mutuality Principles of Exchange
    47. The Second  Coming of Christ, The Anti-Christ, The Unholy Trinity
    48. Process To Merge With Your Divine Mission
    49. Process To Blend With The Pure Cosmic Love and Light
    50. Living The Attributes of The Higher Selves
    51. Focus On The Empowered State
    52. Process To Reclaim Your Inner Sight Capabilities
    53. Replace Aggression With The Power of Compassion
    54. Excuse Yourself From Judgments
    55. Accepting Within Me  The Divine Mother’s Feminine Invitation
    56. Beloved Moses Message of Healing Support
    57. Union With The Higher Nature of Your Soul Self
    58. How To See Vibrations Within Your Breath and Accelerate Your Ability To Visualize
    59. Intricate Process of Metabolizing Light For Our Bodies
    60. How To Step Back From The Drama Into Complete Inner Stillness
    61. All Humanity Is From The Sirius Binary System
    62. Process To Enter The Silence of Self and Connect with Spirit
    63. The Magical Light Stream of Divine Consciousness
    64. What Judgments Do To You and Others
    65. Process To Reconnect With The Serenity Within Your Sacred Heart
    66. Still The Mind and Still The Emotions


    Level VIII - 8 (Click Here)
    New World Wisdom and Higher Consciousness and My First Messages From Zim Since He Graduated From Earth on 11-1-14
    (Second Year 2014)

    Beloved Malachi, Katherine Bell Ph.D.D. and "Marrianna" 14 Messages

    1. My First Message From Zim Since He Graduated From Earth on 11-1-14 and What I Shared at Zim's Celebration of Life on 11-22-14
    2. Clearing and Healing All My Unresolved Conflicts, Repressed Frustrations and Transgressions and Achieving Grounded Integrated Auric and Mental Balance
    3. Do I Have Any Multidimensional DNA?
    4. Developing My Inner Sight
    5. Receiving and Activating My Codes of Spiritual Re-Birth
    6. Knowing My New Purpose In 2015
    7. Releasing My Third Dimensional Discordance of Judgments
    8. Process to Access Your Sacred Mind
    9. Sacred Healing Process
    10. Process to Experience Spontaneous Remission of All Illnesses on All Levels
    11. How to Sense Quantum Energy
    12. Merging and Melding With My Higher Self, My Innate and My Human Consciousness
    13. Process Through Passageway of The Portal of Light Into Rarified Multidimensional Realms of My Past, Present and Future
    14. Process to Bring Healing Light Through Your Hands to Heal Yourself and Others


    Level IX - 9 (Click Here)
    New Gateway Opens To Higher Dimensional Awareness
    (Third Year 2015)

    Beloved Malachi, Katherine Bell Ph.D.D. and "Marrianna" 23 Messages

    1. Request For Your Assistance In Experiencing My Full Enlightenment
    2. Prayer To Request The Universal Law of Reversal To Reverse All the Sickness In My Body, That My Ego Mind Created
    3. Activating Your Enlightenment Codes
    4. How To Activate The Points on Your Hara Line
    5. Process To Accelerate Your Illumination
    6. How To Create Your Luminous Crystalline Body, Your Merkanah
    7. How To Integrate All Your Fragments of Yourself
    8. Activating Your Physical Body's Encodings of Higher Vibrations
    9. How To Create Your Transformation
    10. Activating The Power of The Memory That You are Source!
    11. Process To Ground and Center Yourself
    12. Wisdom About Activating Your 7 Sacred Seals
    13. Growing a New Expanded Crystalline Auric Field and Knowing What It Needs
    14. What Does My Physical, Mental and Emotional Auric Fields Need?
    15. Process To Prevent Any Auric Bleeding Effect or Short Circuiting In Your Auric Field
    16. Process To Listen To a Thought, and Allow a New Dimension of Consciousness To Come Into You
    17. Process To Merge With Your Over Soul/Higher Self and Illuminate Your Physical Heart and Mind
    18. Process To Activate My Personal 12 Ray Creator Chakra Wheels
    19. Removing Etheric Shields of Protection That Block The Door To Creation
    20. Ascension Is Understanding That You are "SOURCE"
    21. Prayer To Release The Belief and Control The Dark Forces Have Over The Mass Consciousness
    22. Process To Clear Your Sense of Disconnection With The Divine Source Within Your Mind
    23. Do You Know, You Have Unlimited Amounts of Activated Adamantine Particles?


    Level X - 10 (Click Here)
    Zim’s First Steps on the Pathway of Light
    From Lord Jesus & Archangel Raphael

    Beloved Lord Jesus, and Beloved Archangel Raphael 46 Messages

    1. Oh Lord, How Did I Ever Get Into This?
    2. Directive to Mediate
    3. Directive to Prepare Booklet
    4. Wisdom From on High
    5. The How of Meditative Channeling
    6. Complete Meditations
    7. Peace Which Passeth All Understanding
    8. Fretting and Worrying
    9. There Are No Mistakes
    10. Communications From Lord Jesus
      *The Love of God Shines in Our Lives
    11. The Light of God Dwells in All Things
    12. The Influence of Children of Light
    13. Communications from Archangel Raphael
      *Pearls of Wisdom
    14. Patience! Patience! Patience!
    15. The Energy of Love in Light Bearers
    16. Confirmation—Is It Truth or Fiction?
    17. What Is the Pathway of Light?
    18. Progress on the Pathway of Light
    19. Protection on the Pathway of Light
    20. Joy on the Pathway of Light
    21. What is God?
    22. Seeing All Things as God
    23. All Beings Are God
    24. God’s Love
    25. God’s Will
    26. God’s Communication with Man
    27. God’s Care of Man
    28. Trust
    29. Limitation
    30. Closed Minds
    31. Fear of God
    32. Unworthiness
    33. Created in the Image of God
    34. The Light Within
    35. Knowing You Are Everything and Everything Is You
    36. Inner Knowing
    37. Discernment
    38. Uplifted
    39. Filled With Joy
    40. Child Of The Light
    41. Being of Light
    42. Initiation
    43. Let Your Light Shine!
    44. Through Death to Eternal Bliss
    45. Eternal Bliss
    46. The Person in the Glass


    Level XI - 11 (Click Here)
    New Information Pending


    Level XII - 12 (Click Here)
    Merging Into The Fourth Dimension of Sacred Healing Wisdom For Planet Earth and The Multitudes
    (Third Year 2015)

    Beloved Malachi, Katherine Bell Ph.D.D., Beloved Moses, Beloved Zim and "Marrianna" 10 Messages

    1. My Surprise When I Asked Malachi If My Beloved Moses Had a Message For Me, Not Long After My Beloved Husband Zim Graduated From Earth
    2. Zim Shares His Gifts of Wisdom By Arching His Rainbow of Sacred Light From His 3rd Eye To My 3rd Eye and We Experience Our First Sacred Downloading Process Together
    3. Sacred Downloading Process In a Jungle Filled With Running Streams, Waterfalls and Animals
    4. My Spiritual Birthday!
      Preparation To Be Able To Accept and Receive the Codes and Activations For the New Divine Blueprint of Perfect Health and Healing Light
    5. I Experienced a Special Village of Sacred Healing In Many Temples That Very Few Humans Get To Experience.
    6. Beloved 'IS' The Creator of All That Is, Beloved Lord Jesus and Beloved Mother Mary are Downloading Their Sacred Healing Light That Is Much Brighter Than Ever Available on Earth Before and Beloved 'IS' Shares His Sacred Wisdom
    7. Blending and Merging With The Beloved 'IS' The Creator of All That Is
    8. The Many Changes and New Ideas You Have, Is What Is Right With You, Not What Is Wrong With You!
    9. Entering Another New Gateway Up Jacob's Ladder of Light
    10. I Need To Relax, Paint and Play In Preparation So I Can Activate My New Perfect Health Blue Print


    Level XIII - 13 (Click Here)
    Merges You Into The Fifth Dimension of Higher
    Sacred Wisdom Aboard Huge Mother Space Ships (Third Year 2015)

    Beloved Moses and "Marrianna" 4 Messages

    1. Sacred Downloading of The Universal Law of Reversal and Perfection
      That Supports All That The Lord Jesus Came To Earth To Change
    2. Sacred Downloading of The Earth Project To Clear and Heal
      Negativity on Planet Earth
    3. I Received Healing Gifts of Courage, Confidence and New Healing
      Abilities and I Was Released of All My Memories of Being Killed, Tortured and Burned at The Stake For Sharing My Sacred Wisdom In The Past
    4. "Listen, Listen, Listen, My Children, Hear My Clarion Call For It Is Time To Awaken and Remember Your Oneness and For You To Remember That You are The God of Your Being" I AM 'IS' The Creator of All That Is!


    Level XIV - 14 (Click Here)
    New Gateway Opens That Has Never Been Exposed Before and More Mother Spaceship Encounters.
    (Third Year 2015)

    Beloved Moses, Beloved Zim and "Marrianna" 12 Messages

    1. New Gateway Opens That Has Never Been Explored Before
    2. Higher Frequencies are Downloaded For Planet Earth and The Multitudes
    3. All The Sacred Downloading Processes Come Through "Marriana" Not From "Marrianna"
    4. 'IS' The Creator of All That IS, Blesses All of Us Saying, "In You All I AM Pleased, May Peace Be Within You All!"
    5. Downloading Process That Gifts Us All With The Loud Sound of The Heartbeat of The Divine Creator Filling Our Healing Center With Sacred Unconditional Love!
    6. Sacred Downloading Process To Eradicate All Illness, Sickness and Suffering Relating To All Kinds of Diseases on Planet Earth
    7. 'IS', The Creator of All That Is, Has Given His Clarion Call For Assistance, So All His Children Can Awaken and Remember Who They Are and Why They Came To Earth
    8. It Is Time To Awaken and Remember You Are The God of Your Being, 'IS', The Creator Of All That Is
    9. Downloading of Many Sacred Healing Gifts For Planet Earth and The Multitudes
    10. Birth of The New Golden Age of Heaven on Earth In The 4th and 5th Dimensions and Higher
    11. 'IS', The Creator of All That Is, Creates Sacred Clearings of All Humanities Negative Experiences and Opens Healing Passageways To Higher Dimensions
    12. More Sacred Healing Gifts From Masters From Higher Dimensions to Assist Humanity in Awakening and Remembering Their Sacred Oneness With
      The Great Creator


    Level XV - 15 (Click Here)
    Information Pending


    Level XVI - 16 (Click Here)
    Downloading of Sacred Divine Wisdom For Planet Earth and The Multitudes, Aboard Magnificent Huge Mother Spaceships
    (Fourth Year 2016)
    (Click Here)

    Beloved Moses, Beloved Zim and "Marrianna" 5 Messages

    1. Sacred Downloading Process From The Masters of Sacred Healing Light From Higher Dimensions and Galaxies To Assist Planet Earth and The Multitudes
    2. All The Sacred Downloading Processes are Done In Service To The Divine Source, To Assist Humanity To Awaken and Remember Their Sacredness
    3. Sacred Downloading Process To Open Codes of Wisdom, Codes of Medical Discoveries, Codes of Peace and Harmony and Much More
    4. Process To Open Gateways To New Sacred Steps Up Jacob's Ladder To Experience Sacred Healing Abilities Like Lord Jesus Had
    5. Sacred Downloading Process That Assists Planet Earth and Humanity To Awaken and Remember Their Sacred Oneness and Move Into 5th Dimension and Higher


    Level XVII - 17 (Click Here)
    Discovering The Importance of Your Sacred Ego Mind!
    (Fourth Year 2016)

    Beloved Malachi, Katherine Bell Ph.D.D., Beloved Moses, Beloved Zim and "Marrianna" 4 Messages

    1. My Sacred Experience With My Ego Mind
    2. Prayer To Request the Universal Law of Reversal To Reverse All the Sickness in My Body, That My Ego Mind Has Created.
    3. Process To Un-Encase The Ego Mind and Reconnect With The Divine Mind
    4. Your Ego Mind


    Level XVIII - 18 (Click Here)
    New Wisdom and Divine Sacred Healing Processes
    (Fourth Year 2016)

    Beloved Malachi, Katherine Bell Ph.D.D. and "Marrianna" 12 Messages

    1. Universal Laws That Pertain To The Year 2016
    2. Evolutionary Laws of Consciousness Awareness In The Fifth Dimension
    3. Connecting With Your Sacredness With Source That Already Exists Within You!
    4. Process To Enter Into The Silence, Align With Your Guidance System, Exchange Ego Mind For Divine Mind
    5. Attaining Focused Observational Abilities, The Power of The Word "Allow"
    6. Process To Become a Soul-Infused Personality
    7. Process To Connect and Integrate With The White Fire Seed Atoms
    8. Process To Release Your Higher Seed Memory of Your Knowing You are The God/Goddess All Their 'IS'
    9. Process To Access Altered States of Consciousness
    10. Process To See With Your Inner Eyes and Hear With Your Inner Ears
    11. Process To Experience a Sacred Star Walk Within You!
    12. My 2016 Request For Divine Assistance


    Level XVIX - 19 (Click Here)
    More Sacred Healing Gifts For Humanity From The Heavenly Host
    (Fourth Year 2016)

    Beloved Malachi, Katherine Bell Ph.D.D. and "Marrianna" 8 Messages

    1. Process To Un-Encase The Ego Mind and Reconnect With The Divine Mind
    2. Process To Return To Balance Within Your Still Point
    3. What The Number 144,000 Really Means
    4. "To Embody" Means To Be Aware!
    5. Is It Time To Share The Sacred Downloading Processes From The Higher Dimensions?
    6. Process To Understand and Communicate With Sacred Non-Physical Masters
    7. Process To Heal on All Levels
    8. Process From Beloved Lord Jesus To Activate The Power To See With Your Inner Sight


    Level XX - 20 (Click Here)
    More Healing Wisdom From Beloved Malachi
    (Fourth Year 2016)

    Beloved Malachi, Katherine Bell Ph.D.D. and "Marrianna" 3 Messages

    1. There is Nothing to Fear in The Union With The Divine ISNESS
    2. Sacred Process To Activate Your Five Spiritual Chakras
    3. Release The Worry!

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