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      Part I (Click Here for List of Levels)

      Divine Healing Wisdom to Clear and Heal Your Traumas and Dramas of The Third Dimension and Level XII-12 Merges You Into The Fourth Dimension and Level XIII-13 Merges You Into The Fifth Dimension of Higher Sacred Wisdom Aboard Huge Mother Space Ships
      Years 1980-2016

      Part II (Click Here for Sections)

      Sacred Healing Wisdom from Higher Dimensions for New Earth's 5th, 6th and 7th Dimensions Into Self-Mastery and Oneness, Including Experiences With 'IS' The Creator God of All That Is Aboard Huge Mother Space Ships!
      Years 2017-2018

      Part III (Click Here)

      Opening The Gateway To The New Planet Earth In The 5th Dimension of Love, Peace and Harmony! 
      Years 2020-



    1. Mission Statement
    2. Healing Arts
    3. Three Major Blessings From Spirit, By Lord Jesus
    4. Vows and Agreements with The Dark Forces, By Lord Jesus
    5. Summary of Everything on
      (Simply Click on Level of Interest to Connect with Detailed Information)

      Three Special Requests From Spirit

    1. Sprit Has Requested That I Share My Experiences While Walking on My Pathway Back to The Light and How Spirit Has Assisted and Guided Me and Asked That I Share Them With All Who Have Ears to Hear!

    2. Spirit Has Also Requested All The Many Capitalized Words in These Messages. They Have Been Provided to AcCvate a Sacred Healing Code Within Your Subconscious Mind! That Will Allow Your Subconscious Mind to Accept All These Sacred Healing Messages, Most of Them are From Masters of Sacred Healing Light From Much Higher Dimensional Frequencies and VibraCons. This Will Provide a Means For Everyone to Move Into Higher Conscious Awareness With Ease and Grace!

    3. Many Years Ago, One Day When I Was MeditaCng and I Said to God, "I Do Not Know What to Call You, Because You are Present in Everything, The Flowers, The Trees and The Roses." Then I Heard Loud and Clear, "You Can Call Me 'IS', for I AM The Creator of All That Is, I AM The Isness! So, That is Why I Call God 'IS', The Creator of All That Is!

      The Following is What I Experienced on My Spiritual Pathway Back to The Creator Light! May it Assist You Also, on Your Journey Back to The Creator Light!


      Peace Be With You, Enjoy!

      Sacred Healing Processes
       How You Can Manifest What You Want In Your Life!

      Beloved Malachi, Katherine Bell Ph.D.D. and 'Marrianna'

    1. What You Say After I AM You Create!
    2. Prayer To Request the Universal Law Of Reversal to Reverse All Sickness In My Body, That My Mind Has Created!
    3. How To Connect With Your Divine Soul-Self Who Will Assist You Through Your Inner Gateway So You can Experience "Being."
    4. "Marrianna's" Soul-Self Process
    5. How To Solve Your Disagreements With Others Includes Process.
    6. Your Reflection.
    7. Reflection Release Process
    8. Explanation of What Acca Cords Are and A Process to Clear the Negativity Within Your Acca Cords.
    9. Process To Enter Into The Silence, Align With Your Guidance System, Attaining Focused Observational Abilities.
    10. Process To Become A Soul-Infused Personality.
    11. Process To Connect And Integrate With The White Fire Seed Atoms.
    12. Process To Release Your Higher Seed Memory of Your Knowing You Are The God/Goddess All There IS.
    13. Process To Access Altered States of Consciousness.
    14. Process To See With Your Inner Eyes and Hear With Your Inner Ears.
    15. Process To Experience A Sacred Star Walk Within You

      • • •

      Attention Military, Sheriff, Police, Fire Fighters and
      Emergency Rescue Personnel!

      All Who Have Been Exposed To Combat, 9-11 and The
      Ongoing Terrorist Attacks!

      Sacred Healings are Now Available That Can
      Stop Your Suffering!

      The Beloved Prophet Moses, Has Stepped Forward To Lead You Out of
      Your Emotional and Mental Woundedness You Have Experienced,
      While Serving and Protecting Wherever Needed!
      Beloved Moses, Healing Toning CD, Has Been Proven To Shatter,
      Remove, Eliminate and Heal Negative Memories of Traumas and
      Dramas With Ease and Grace Without Re-experiencing Them!

      Breaking & Rescinding Negative Vows &
      Agreements Will Create Shields of Protection From Negative Forces!

      All That is Needed is Your Pure Intent to Improve Your Life!
      All are Located on My Web Site Under Level 1-English Teaching Process Manual.

      The Entire Booklet Will Help You!

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