My Light Body

I Accept The Responsibility Invested in Me,

To Be All That I Can Be!

While Walking This Earthly Plane As
Holy Light Sharing, Caring with All My Might!

I AM Seeing The Sparkles and The Shine
Oh!  My Word!  I AM Divine!

What Shall I Do With All That I AM?
I’ll Share and I’ll share All That I Can!

Being The Light For All To See

God Bless This Earth and All I See!

How on Earth Can This Ever Be?
I Give My Thanks For Indeed I AM Free!

So Look Deep Inside and You Will See,
The Divine Inside, Waiting for Thee!

You’ll Walk and Talk and Laugh With Glee,
When You Go Within To See,
For You Too Can Be All There Is To Be!

I AM Marrianna,
Lady of Light
Dec. 2007