Arnold "Zim" Zimmermann

Arnold "Zim" Zimmermann

Arnold “Zim” Zimmermann was Born in Wisconsin and Raised in Minnesota.  His Father was a Lutheran Minister as was His Grandfather, Uncle and Brother.   Zim was Educated in Lutheran Schools and also Became a Lutheran Minister.

 After Ten Years in the Ministry, Zim Felt His service as a Minister was finished and So Resigned.  He Became a Social Worker and Later and Administrator in the San Diego County Child Protective Services.  He Retired from the County in 1990.

Through the Years Zim Supported His Wife, Marrianna, in Her Metaphysical Interest But had Never Paid Much Attention To Them.  One Day, However, He Became Interested in Seeing Auras and in Meditating.  His Wife Supported His Interest in Every Way.  On One Occasion While Meditating in Sedona, Arizona, Zim Received a Vision of “Stone People”.

In June, 1993, Zim Agreed to Assist His Wife in an Initiation Ceremony.  He was drawn Not Only to Assist but to Take Part and to Make a Commitment to, “Follow Spirit Without Hesitation.”  The Following Day a Being of Light Named Malachi, Through Katherine Torres, Gave a Group Reading to the Initiates Including Zim.  In the Reading Malachi Urged Zim to Begin Meditating Every Day and to Record Whatever Came to Him.

 Although Filled with Skepticism, Zim Began Meditating and Recording on His Computer What Came to Him.  To His Surprise, Words and Thoughts Began to Come To Him Whenever He Asked Archangel Raphael and Later, Lord Jesus, Master Sananda,  to Speak to Him.

 In the Months that Followed, Other Beings of Light Began to Communicate with Zim in His Meditations.  Forefather of Forefathers, One of the Founders of the World, Began to Provide Spiritual Lessons Based on the World of Nature.  Master Rhyon Began Providing Information on How Earth Could Become a Light Planet.  Archangel Raphael Provided Spiritual Explanations of the Major Tarot Cards and Lord El Morya Began to Provide Information and Teachings Concerning the Will of God.