When To Use The Toning CD From Beloved Moses

The Most Important Thing for You to Understand is that We
Came to Earth for Our Soul Growth and to Experience Everything,
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  If You can Accept and Remember
Everything Has Been, “Just an Experience.”  It will be Easier for You
to Let Go of It!

You Do Not Have to Re-Experience Any Traumas!  So, Just Before
You Feel You Might Go Into an Emotional, Downhill Spiral…..
Listen to The Toning CD!


How The CD Toning Process Works

  • Listen to The Toning Sounds for a Few Minutes. 

You Should Feel an Emotional Release.
This Should Cause Good Feelings to Go Through Your Body.

    • This Breaks and Shatters The Negative Memory.
  • Then Take a Deep Breath and Grunt a Deep Sound

Way Down in Your Gut and Blow it All Out with a
Loud Moan.

    • This Expels The Vibrations of The Negative Traumas From Your Body.
  • Then Laugh a Deep, Loud, Belly Laugh for About a Minute.
    • This Brings a Higher Vibration to Replace What has been Removed.


Use as Often as Needed While Removing Your Replica
and Breaking and Rescinding Negative Vows
and Agreements from Your Akashic Record.